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Welcome! Earlier this year, 2021, we had an idea. What if we could make a blanket that felt like animal fur, but wasn’t? Minky fabric was our answer. We decided to set to work in our little town home in Utah. We hand-crafted minky blankets inspired by gorgeous animal patterns. Empowered by our friends' and families' support, we successfully launched our store. We both have a profound love for animals and a passion to protect wildlife. This led us to our biggest goal: to replace animal pelts with blankets that are just as soft, luscious, and exquisite.

Who we are

Ruth Marilyn Voss                    Gregory Jessop
Co-Founder                                         Co-Founder

Partners in life, love, and business.

Ever since we were children, animals have been a major source of light in our lives. Our many pets will always have a place in our hearts. This love extends to all animal species that grace our planet. We have watched people around us grow their businesses and use their success to protect and support wildlife. These people inspire us and prompt us to ask the question..

How can we give back?

That’s why we created Lush Throws. We knew it was possible to make a blanket that felt like real fur, and was humane. Minky fabric is a select, high quality synthetic material made from 100% polyester. Did you know that minky fabric is as soft and fluffy as a chinchilla? We are passionate about the fluffy. We know how important comfort is when it comes to a blanket. 

But sadly, some people turn to illegal poaching to find that sort of quality in a fur. Poaching rates for certain animals across the globe are increasing. According to the World Bank Group,

“Illegal logging, fishing and wildlife trade have an estimated value of $1 trillion or more per year.” 

This devastating number destroys ecosystems and natural resources, and undermines any respect for life on our earth. Big cats have been a major target for poachers due to their elegant and eye-catching furs. A century ago, 100,000 tigers roamed the wild. Today, only 3,900 wild tigers survive. We have preserved just 4% of their population. The tiger crisis is still at large overseas. Knowledge like this is what pushes us into action. 

In response to these statistics, we donate 10% of our profits to support animals and their habitats. 

Now, we have a way to actively support and protect the animals on this earth. And we couldn’t do it without you! We have enormous gratitude for our customers. For more information about who we support, check out our blog post, Giving Back, or click the pictured link below. 

Giving Back with Lush Throws


Thank you for supporting our small business, and for supporting our planet’s animals! We get so much fulfillment sewing these beautiful blankets for you. We hope you can feel how much love and care we put into each one! We love hearing what you think of your minky, and we hope it brings you and your loved ones so much joy, comfort, and snuggles. 

With love,

Ruth and Greg

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