Your Minky Care

One of the biggest questions we get: "How do I keep my blanket feeling soft?"

So, I thought I'd write a little list about how to care for your minky. And let me tell you, it's as easy as throwing it in the wash! 

Although, there are a few important conditions to set during the washing process. 

  • First, be sure to only wash on COLD! Minky fabric is the softest synthetic material, which means that the fine polyester fur will melt in the heat. 
  • Throw it in alone or with like-colors.
  • Also, be sure to use a minimal amount of detergent, and NO fabric softeners or bleach. For minkies, fabric softeners actually damage the softness.
  • When the wash cycle is done, dry on Tumble dry with NO heat, or hang dry. Leave out the dryer sheet! 
  • I prefer to hang dry my minky. After that, I put it in the dryer on Tumble just to fluff up the fur. 
  • And now, you're ready to enjoy fresh cuddles with your Minky! 

Thank you for supporting our small business! We are so grateful for all of you. Please reach out with any questions, we are always happy to talk with you!

With love, 

Ruth and Greg

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